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Peace Corps Guatemala, 2011

Peace Corps Guatemala, 2011


My journey into the skincare industry has been a wild ride, but I’m here to help you feel great about yourself and your skin with my diverse background and training.

In my career I started out getting my degrees in psychology and art from UC Davis. I wanted to combine my love for people with my passion for the arts. After college I went into the Peace Corps in Guatemala and taught basic health education. Although I wasn’t able to complete my full service in the Peace Corps, the work I did, people I met, and experiences I had still continue to deeply impact and influence the way I view at the world today.

After my career in the mental health field, I decided that although I loved working with families and children through tough times, I craved a career I could help people more with the self-care aspect in an energetically peaceful space.

Through the Cinta-Aveda Institute in San Francisco and the global beauty program, CIDESCO I was able to obtain the highest level of education in the beauty industry. In my extensive training I figured out there is no perfect skincare routine but every person should be treated individually depending on lifestyle, diet, skin type and many other important factors.

As I go through life I realize the things that are most important to my core values and belief system:

1. Life is short and we need to treat ourselves with love so we can be of service to others and live our best lives.

2. Paying attention to ingredients in our personal care products and making sure they are safe, sustainably sourced and eco-friendly is important to our personal future and the future of our planet.

3. Everything we apply onto our skin or ingest internally, has an effect on our overall health and well being.

These three things are the basis for Brooke Christina Skincare. My vision is to provide my clients with continual excellent care while giving back to our local and global communities and respecting the earth. The companies that I support in my practice also care about you and the environment by having completely non-toxic, and no synthetic ingredients in their skincare lines.

As someone who has been on Accutane 3 times, I understand the struggle and the amount of work and courage it takes to move forward and continually work on skin conditions. If you’re looking to work with someone who is detail oriented, cares about the environment and the people in it, and is passionate about giving you the highest quality treatments with safe and effective ingredients then I’m your girl.

Brooke Devlin, Owner, Esthetician, Makeup Artist, CIDESCO diplomat, Oncology Trained, Microblading Trained